love what you have… (regardless)


So finally got to relax and listen to music on my new system this evening.  Just wrapped up a sesh of Heart live and Norah Jones on sacd.  Just relaxing and enjoying the music. First chance ive had to do that. Nora jones brought chuckles and tears, never done that before.  One thing is certain, i now have a system i can rediscover my entire high def digi collection with.

Warts and all, the Rotel and these Kefs are in a whole different league than what i had going on before.  It is glimpsing on what i remember, hence the tears.  God i love lisgening to music!  It not Nora Jones, this is the first time ive heard that album.  Really heard it.

So i had my critical listening cap fully off, but i will say in hind sight that i have a sneaking suspicion that the Rotel sounds a lot better as an integrated amp then just a pre amp, and it is certainly fully capable of driving the kefs as such.  That is, after all what it was intended to do.  Or…  Maybe im just rally good at loving what i have when i relax and enjoy the music.  Ive been doing that for years with my HK and kef q5s and i knew there was more in store but still loved listening to music in a somewhat high quality form again. Now i jave this treasure chest of high def audio that i get to rediscover again, like for the first time!!!

Absolutely loving the kefs (they are fine after the Adcom disaster thank goodness).  I love their bass, mids, highs.  I love that the bass ends where it does, woulnt want lower freq for this small room.

I highly rcommend both sacds.  Very good bit very different.  Both are inexpensive when i bought them,  ill send links.

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