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Haufe SUTs – SOLD

Custom made two channel SUT using famous vintage HAUFE transformers from the 60s. Step up ratio is 1:40 and gain is +32 db. NOS audio transformer are mounted into a new aluminum case. All connections are wired to gold plated RCA jacks. Dimensions 5.3″ by 4″ by 1.5″ high.

These are perfect for LOMC cartridges and I used them for my Denon 103R but no longer need them since I purchased an ARC SP9 MkII which has plenty of gain in the phono stage for my 103R.

Haufe, of course, is famous for having manufactured the audio transformers used in some of the finest vintage high fidelity and professional german and european audio equipment, including Telefunken/Siemens recording consoles, Klangfilm theater equipment, etc.

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