The Classically Mis-matched High End Audio System

I often witness the “classically mis-matched” high-end audio system.  It is very, very typical, where part of the system gets upgraded but that can lead to more of a highlight of the deficiencies of the other components and the net effect can actually be negative.
Say you upgrade speakers and amps that are ideal for your room acoustics and place them just so for your sweet spot.  That that means is you will hear all the good, bad, and ugly of your sources or anywhere else in your may have a deficiency .  This is fantastic if your sources and signal path is up to the task but can be revelatory (and not always in a good way) if they are not.   I’ve witnessed many an aspiring audiophile repeatedly upgrade speakers or amps because they must be at fault when in fact they are just hearing the faults in their system revealed for the first time due to better reproduction accuracy  the new speakers revealed in the first place.

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