Don’t believe everything you read.

So I just finished reading a recent copy of one of the main audiophile magazines, which shall remain nameless. After finishing I came to the distinct conclusion that it was, cover to cover, all advertising.

The “Product Reviews” were far from unbiased  and without fail I found an add for the product somewhere else in the same issue.  We all know that magazine content is often tied to advertising dollars but I’ve honestly never come across a more blatant example of shameless “advertorial” content.

What was also obvious was that some of the most venerable brands , who didn’t choose to advertise in this issue or perhaps in the publication at all, were very conspicuously missing from product reviews and other “content”. I certainly applaud the integrity of these brands and several of them happen to be those I’d choose for my own system.

Another obvious observation  was that the industry sector spending the most advertising dollars was that of cables and interconnects.  The issue contained  one full page ad after another.   This would lead me to speculate that this sector has the highest profit margins and the greatest percentage of revenue on marketing rather than materials, manufacturing, and research and development.

Such observations may not be popular in the industry but they are my two cents. The best and most honest marketing happens in the listening chair, where the proof is in the pudding.

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