Why it’s not about watts per channel (wpc)

missed the link before.  good read.

this is very true, and mentioned by Haley as well:

“much more important to limit higher order harmonic distortion than it is to seek artificially low overall distortion levels.”

that’s why THD tell you nothing.  that, along with WPC, are used to sell amplifiers.  ignore these ratings.  or, if anything, look for a amp with higher THD which means they didn’t use negative feedback or other things to get a low THD thereby screwing up it’s sonic qualities.  and… you now know what to look for in a high current amp, which is something very significant, especially with your speakers!


A very good example of why its not about watts per channel.  This is one of the best sounding amps ever made and only 50 wpc (class a).  Was looking for one of their preamps though.  Always wanted one.  I had Audionics of Oregon, a main competitor at the time but lower cost.


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