Why batteries are the ultimate power supply (for low level signals)

shoots!  might as well build up another pre-premamp that uses 9V batteries while i’m at it.  i know for a fact that this is a perfect match for the Denon 103R moving coil cartridge, which has been in production since 1961 and still available and highly revered today .  part of the pre-preamps magic is the independent power supplies for the right and left channels from the 9V batteries.  we are talking milliamps of amplification, so the batteries actually last for months and are an extraordinary stable power supply and it this makes it cheap to make since no AC to DC conversion or power regulation circuitry needed.

I already knew my Denon 103r cartridge was gonna be magic with Maggie’s cause I had run the combo before in the 70s and it was the best quality playback I had ever heard, bar none. SP 10 deck with Decca tonearm with 103r cartridge into a prepreamp I built myself that ran on 9v batteries, dual mono design and very accurate power supply for low level signals, into a AofO preamp into a couple CC-2s bridged as mono blocks. They have come out with better power amps for Maggie’s since then, like the PA-7, but my Kefs still LOVE my CC-2s…

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